About the Artist


I have lived in California most of my life and in the Pasadena area since 1975.  I worked for 25 years as an actor. When my work is remembered it is usually for my regular roles in such series as Mama’s Family and Major Dad. I retired in 2003.  In pursuit of a new creative venue I stumbled into Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena in August of 2007 and was immediately smitten with the medium.  I call my introduction to clay pure, magical luck.

I have always been fascinated by our fascination with animals. We love them, neglect them, eat them, feed them, raise them, kill them, capture them, breed them, use them, abuse them, wear them, groom them, worship them, sacrifice them, befriend them, talk to them, fear them and take comfort from them.

  My muses are domestic animals including dogs, cows, horses, pigs and rabbits.  They offer me a seemingly endless palette of expression and gesture. I am happy to continue to explore both.